We created Mozaik Digital Solutions with one goal in mind; to provide an affordable, full-service solution to help businesses and entrepreneurs utilize the huge opportunities that the digital marketplace has to offer so that they can grow their business and reach their customers. We do this by leveraging over a decade of experience in marketing to strengthen their strategy, tactics and online footprint to improve their brand awareness and visibility, as well as their ability to engage with their current customers and reach new ones.


Think of digital marketing like a wheel. The website is the HUB where all touch points lead back to. The tactics are the SPOKES used to spread out the brand and message. The overall strategy plays its part as the RIM and connects everything together. And the content we create is the TIRE used to get traction and grab attention in the marketplace.



Digital Marketing is a great way to grow your business in today’s marketplace. It's cost-effective, decisions can be backed up by data, and it allows you to reach the right customer, at the right place, at the right time. For many businesses, they're missing the resources, time or money to devote to digital marketing and develop a well-rounded strategy that harnesses the plethora of digital tactics available online to grow their business. This is where our team can step in, step up, and do the heavy lifting to get your digital strategy off the ground.


Why use Mozaik?

  • saves you time and lets you focus on running your business

  • outsourcing your digital marketing to Mozaik saves you money on staffing and overhead costs

  • we have a collaborative approach to marketing strategy, amplified with experience and expertise

  • provides you with an outside perspective and insight into your business and customers


Our services can be utilized individually but we recommend investing in a digital strategy that harnesses the right tools to gain a well-rounded solution and remedy to growing your business.


the why behind your marketing

Some believe you can't build a jigsaw puzzle without all the pieces, or the picture on the outside of the box.


We believe you can't use marketing tactics on the world wide web and expect to get great results without a well-rounded, thoughtful, integrated digital strategy. Through collaboration, we will put our heads together to come up with the strongest strategies to grow your businesses and reach your customer. 


In many cases, digital elements can complement each other and heighten performance of the overall strategy, but we don't believe in throwing everything at the wall and seeing what sticks, so we will leverage the digital tactics that fit with your goals and will get you the best results.


Why do I need an overall strategy?

  • provides a blueprint for how your marketing tactics can work together

  • provides the “why” behind your marketing

  • creates an integrated approach that garners stronger results and cost efficiencies


Collaborate with Mozaik to create a digital strategy that grabs ahold of the opportunities available online.

the foundation that drives what we do online to make your business shine





the data that tells us who your customers are and how we can target them online


the data that drives your why

Much of our strategies are driven by data, and the beautiful aspect of digital marketing is that it provides us with copious amounts of data. Most of which can be used to determine how tactics are performing. We can then amplify those that are getting you great results, and get rid of those that aren't or tweak them to work harder for you.


We also look at the vast amount of customer data available to us. This can include data you provide us about your customers and who you think your target audience is, city census, demographics, and psychographic data provided by third-parties which allows us to gather new insights into your target audience and potential customers in the market.


Why does data matter?

  • shows you what is working (and what isn't)

  • helps you define your customer and target audience

  • helps you adjust your strategy to get better results


Strategy driven by data allows us to lower your risk and strive towards better results. Let’s uncover the diamonds in the rough and help your overall business gleam.




educate, entertain and engage

So you've built a website, it's online and you're advertising to get people to the website to learn more about your products, services and you. Here is where having great content on your site comes into action.


Content improves the visibility of your website, informs your customers and gives them something to talk to you about. It can also be leveraged elsewhere online, helping you engage with your audience in other areas. Content can be the messaging on your website, images, video, blogs and stories and the best content (and most memorable) is easy to understand, concise and in many cases, answers the questions your customers may have.


Why create content?

  • provides your brand personality

  • improves your websites SEO and the chance it'll rank high on Google 

  • helps you educate and inform customers

  • helps your brand stay on top of customer's mind

  • creates opportunities to engage with customers online


Let's collaborate and create the content that'll engage with your audience, your customer.

your opportunity to educate, entertain and engage with your customer







your chance to converse with your customers and listen to what they have to say about you


where conversations happen

If you are the type of business who looks your customers in the eye and gives them a high-five on a daily basis then social media is a place you should be. Consider it the trendy new coffee shop your customers gather at and are free to start an informal conversation with you. 


It's also become a great place to people watch and listen in on candid conversations. Sometimes it's your customers who are talking and sometimes the topics include your business and what they really think of it.


If you're planning on showing up to this coffee shop and taking in the sights and sounds, we can make sure you're prepared with a strong strategy ready to go when someone wants to start a conversation with you. 


Why do I need to be on Social?

  • it's where you can engage with customers

  • it’s where you can listen to what they’re saying about you

  • it’s where your competition is

  • it’s where conversations with your target audience are happening


Let Mozaik help you get the conversation started with your audience.


be seen and get noticed

With the amount of competition and distractions for your target audience online locally (and globally), it's tough for your business to get noticed, grab their attention and keep it long enough for them to become a customer. And even after they've become a customer, it's an uphill battle to keep them loyal to your business.


Nowadays it isn’t enough to simply have a website online. If you build it, they don’t always come. And if they do, it can be in small numbers. This is where online advertising can help your business rise above the competition and shine the spotlight on it, and target the customers you want to attract. 


Why Advertise?

  • drive traffic to your website

  • stand out from your competition

  • increase visits to your store

  • target and attract your ideal customers

  • decrease the need for traditional advertising


If you need to advertise, Mozaik can help you shine a spotlight on your business!

the tools we use to get you in front of your customers and stand above the competition



the place your customers go to learn about you and what you have to offer them


where your customers learn about you

A website is a great resource for your target audience to learn about you, your business, and your products and services. It helps them connect with you, ask questions and take the next step in becoming your customer. 


With so much competition in the digital marketplace (locally and globally), it is vital that you have a website that looks great, is easy to navigate, easy to read and understand, and easy to connect with you when (and where) your potential customers are online. 


Why do I need a good website?

  • to draw attention to your business and the products or services you offer

  • to engage with customers and give them a way to interact with you

  • to reach your customer when and where they're online (desktop, tablet and mobile)


If you need a website, or you need to update your old website to appeal to today's audience, Mozaik can help!







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